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Ekom Enyong

who i am

Experienced SEO professional passionate about modern web technologies and user-friendly design.

I support brands and companies by using digital strategy, design, and development to create memorable web experiences.

why you might care

With a background primarily working with digital agencies, I've spent the last decade building and executing marketing and content strategies for various types of companies and brands.

Years of frustration working with client's clunky or low-performance web platforms lead me to learn how to solve my own problem: building scalable web applications that end-users love and fast-moving teams can easily manage.


latest thoughts

2022 React/Next.js Developer Tech Stack and Tools

In 2022, I'm coding in TypeScript, building projects with React, spinning up databases with Railway, exploring Remix, and more.

How to Setup a Free PostgreSQL Database on Railway

I recently discovered Railway, an app infrastructure platform. Setup a free PostgreSQL database to use in your next project.

From Wordpress to Jamstack: Why A Self-taught Dev Made the Switch

A couple years ago, I thought I was going to be a WordPress developer. Here's why I switched to the Jamstack instead.


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